About Us

Manish Food Products is a dedicated & professionally managed firm having top level of qualified management & wide range of spices products. We ensures that the processing of our products is monitored carefully on various levels to retain the natural color and flavors of the spices.

We are Odisha based spice firm which offers the complete fine range of various products such as Gota Masala, Powder Masala, Blended Spices, Atta & FoodStuffs. We also take care of the quality, packaging & the natural aroma of the spices before delivering it to the customers. Our special approach in the spices products will continue to serve the customers.

Vision & Mission
Our core objective is to maintain & deliver quality spices products to our customers. For this we do hard core quality testing on our products before approving for the market sales. Our new spice products are full of fresh herbs, spices and fresh ideas.